Twentieth Century (1930-2000)

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In Music
  • Crumb

    Maximized Expressionism Composer
  • John Williams

    American Composer
  • Penderecki

    Composed Textural Music
  • Philip Glass

    American-Jewish Composer
  • Corigliano

    American Composer, addresses important social issues
  • Zwilich

    American Composer and Violinist
  • Musique Concrete

    Recorded Natural Sounds and altered them
  • Paul Lansky

    American Pioneer in digital sound synthesis
  • John Adams

    American Composer
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber

    British Composer
  • Aleatoric Music

    Chance Music
  • Indeterminate Music

    Based on Elements of chance, but could imply more directly three specified types of chance elements
  • Electronische Musik

    Electronic Music developed in Germany
  • Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima

    Textural Piece
  • Atmospheres

    Textural Piece
  • Neo-Romanticism

    Tonally melodic music in a time of avant grade music
  • Neo-Tonality

    New mother tongue of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries
  • Postmodernism

    Aesthetic attitude that focused on uniting many past elements of music into a new eclectic style
  • Eric Whitacre

    American Composer
  • Totalism

    Music that developed in NYC as a response to minimalism
  • New Complexity

    Abstract, dissonant, microtonal, and relies on extreme contrast as its desirable aesthetic trait.
  • Globalization

    Result of Technology which allows immediate exchange of ideas
  • Period: to


    Laid Foundation for Aleatoric Music
  • Period: to

    Edgar Varese

    Had a vision of new musical timbres and modern orchestration techniques
  • Period: to


    Laid foundation for Aleatoric Music
  • Period: to

    Pierre Schaeffer

    Developed Musique Concrete
  • Period: to


    American Composer
  • Period: to


    Maximized Expressionism Composer
  • Period: to

    Non-tonal Music

    Style of composition focused on musical elements other than pitch
  • Period: to


    Composed Indeterminate Music
  • Period: to


    Composed Textural Music
  • Period: to


    Composed Indeterminate Music
  • Period: to

    Textural Music

    Functioned alongside non-tonal music with its sound masses
  • Period: to

    Maximized Expressionism

    Integral Serialism, Complete Complexity
  • Period: to


    Repetitive Music