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Deadly Tsunamis

By BenR.
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    1755 Lisbon, Portugal earthquake

    This was an estimated magnitude of 9. An estimated 20,000 people had died. This was the third known large-scale earthquake to hit the city. This earthquake led to the birth of modern seismology and earthquake engineering.
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    1883 Krakatoa in the Sundra Strait

    This was caused by a landslide. The tsunami that was formed had a wave height of more than 115 feet. This wave destroyed 165 villages, this killed more than 36,000 people. Over 70% of the island of Krakatoa and the surrounding archipelago collapsed into a caldera. The sound from the eruption was claimed to be heard in 50 different locations around the world, the sound wave is recorded to have traveled around the globe 7 times.
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    1946 Aleutians Alaska earthquake

    The tsunami was formed from a magnitude 8.1 earthquake in Alaska. The waves hit the Hawaiian Islands killing about 160 people. The Tsunami was unusually strong for the size of the earthquake. The destruction prompted the creation of the seismic sea wave warning system.
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    1960 Chile earthquake

    This was a 9.5 magnitude earthquake. This tsunami traveled for 15 hours to Hawaii across the Pacific Ocean. This killed 61 people in Hawaii. This was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded, it lasted for about 10 minutes. waves were as high as 35ft over 10,000 kilometers from the epicenter.
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    1964 Alaska earthquake

    This tsunami was formed from a 9.2 magnitude earthquake in Alaska. This affected people in both Alaska and California. About 130 people were killed. This was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in North American history. 600 miles of the fault moved 60ft at once, releasing about 500 years of stress.
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    1993 Sea of Japan earthquake

    This tsunami was formed by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. This killed 120 people on Okushiri Island. This tsunami lead to an overhaul of the sea defenses, tsunami sluices were built on rivers. This location has been home to several historical earthquakes.
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    1998 Papua New Guinea earthquake

    This 7.8 magnitude earthquake triggered a submarine landslide. This tsunami killed more than 2,100 people. This tsunami raised awareness that small earthquakes could cause large tsunamis if they cause a submarine landslide. It was originally thought the Pacific Plate dropped 2m, it was later work that suggested the submarine landslide.
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    2004 Sumatra earthquake

    This tsunami was formed from a 9.1 magnitude earthquake. This tsunami killed 230,000 people. The waves reached a height of 100 ft. This is one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history. It caused the planet to vibrate as much as 10 mm. It had also triggered earthquakes as far as Alaska.
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    2009 Samoa earthquake

    A 9.1 magnitude earthquake formed this tsunami. This killed about 200 people. This was the largest earthquake in 2009. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center recorded a 3-inch rise in the sea levels near the epicenter.
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    2010 Chile earthquake

    The tsunami was formed from an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. About 700 people were killed in coastal towns. Tsunami warnings were issued in 53 countries. The earthquake caused a blackout that affected 93% of the county's population.
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    2011 Japan earthquake

    This 9.1 magnitude earthquake formed the tsunami. This killed over 20,000 people. It was the most powerful earthquake in Japan and the fourth most powerful in the world since 1900. The tsunami caused the meltdowns of three nuclear reactors.
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