Truth Between Lies

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    Truth Between Lies lifetime

  • First Live Preformance

    the first time me and joey preformed live, it was a little public library talent show. just me, him, and an acoustic guitar for about 40 people
  • First Full Band Preformance

    Playing at the strides for sudan chili cook off at upper arlington high school. band consisted of joey hoey, matt bruckelmeyer, alex adrion and mitchell bloom.
  • Alex Harris joins the band!

    first practice with alex harris the current drummer of truth between lies
  • maggie lynch joins the band!

    maggie lynch joins the band, the current bassist of truth between lies
  • First live show at The Basement

    Truth Between Lies' first legit live show at a real concert hall
  • Second show at The Basement

    second live preformance at The Basement
  • First Battle of the Bands

    truth between lies competing in a Battle of the Bands at Alrosa Villa... we'll see what happens..
  • Third live preformance at The Basement

    All Time Low concert lady asked us to play at the basement, unaware we have played there twice already she was somewhat suprised when we told her