Tristan, Christian, Devon

  • Period: to


  • Tristan's Birthday

  • Devin's Birthday

  • Christian's Birthday

  • Tristan became a Big Brother!

  • Tristan became a brother. Agian.

  • Devon became a big brother!

  • Christian broke his arm. 0_0

  • Christian started public school!

  • Tristan got ran over and broke his first bone!

  • Devon got shot by his cousin. :D

  • New Tech started for all of us!

  • Christian's Neice was born!

  • Devon wrecked his car! YAY!

  • Christian got his first job! At Burger King!

  • Christian got fired! Cause he's a failure.

  • Tristan got his first job! At Ponderosa Steakhouse!

  • Tristan got his Driver's Licsence