• Period: to

    $trikes and Acts.

  • Noble Order of the Knights of Labor is created.

    Noble Order of the Knights of Labor is created.
    This was established by the Philadelphia garment workers. It was for farmers, merchants, and wage earners. This gave them equal pay for equal work, abolition of child labor, and only an 8 hour work day.
  • AFL is formed.

    AFL is formed.
    The AFL (American Federation of Labor) was formed to create better working conditions in factories and mines. It gave workers better pay, and better conditions for working. The AFL is still a group today.
  • Haymarket Square Riot

    Haymarket Square Riot
    Workers in Chicago march for an 8 hour day protest. There were 8 policemen killed and 100 injured. The public saw Unions and Anarchists as problems.
  • Labor Day Creation

    Labor Day Creation
    Labor Day was created to celebrate a no labor day. Most if not all workers have off for labor day. It was also represented by the American flag and freedom.
  • "How the other half lives", is written.

    "How the other half lives", is written.
    "How the other Half lives", is about the studies of the tenements of New York. The conditions of New York Tenements were not good. The studies describe and emphisize the dirtiness of this place.
  • Homestead Strke

    Homestead Strke
    This was one of the serious disputes in US labor history. There was a battle between Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers and Carnegie Steel Company. It began on June 30, 1892 in Pittsburg, PA.
  • The Pullman Strike

    The Pullman Strike
    A company built the town of Pullman for workers to rent to stay in while working. George M. Pullman owned the company and the town. The wages were lowered due to the panic of 1893, but Pullman refused to lower rent prices. In effect, there was a strike against the rent costs.
  • The Coal Strike

    The Coal Strike
    Strike of United Mine Workers in the anthracite coal feilds in eastern PA. It would have shut down winter supply of fuel to all major cites. President Roosevelt suspended the strike.
  • "The Jungle" was written.

    "The Jungle" was written.
    "The Jungle", was written to describe the conditions of the meat packing industry. The conditions were horrible for a meat processing place. Between the workers and the building, the place was filthy.
  • "The Bitter Cry of Children", is written.

    "The Bitter Cry of Children", is written.
    "The BItter Cry of Children", is about the child labor in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Children worked for their families and were paid as low as ten cents an hour. The treatment they got was sickening and it is terrible what they were put through.
  • Pure Food and Drug Act passed.

    Pure Food and Drug Act passed.
    The Act was to protect people from disease and sickness from bad or dirty foods and drugs. All foods companys had to be checked and still are being checked by the FDA. It is now a world-wide process.
  • Triangle Shirt Factory Fire

    Triangle Shirt Factory Fire
    The Triangle Shirt Factory was a devestating event. At the time, companies locked buildings during work hours so workers couldnt leave before the work was done, so when the fire broke out, over 100 died because there was no exscape. Later on there was a law passed that does not let building lock the inside from the outside.
  • Congress of Industrial Orginization is created.

    Congress of Industrial Orginization is created.
    The congress was originally part of the AFL until 1935 when it split apart. It split because it advocated orginization along industrial lines rather tha craft lines. It rejoined the AFL in 1955.
  • National Labor Relations Act passed.

    National Labor Relations Act passed.
    Also known as the National Labor Relations Act, also known as the "Wagner Act", was created for the power to punish unfair labor practices. Also created was the National Labor Relations Board. It was used to go against mistreatment against workers.
  • GM Sit-Down Strike

    GM Sit-Down Strike
    GM workers went to work but didnt work. The workers sat in the building and did their own thing. It lasted until 1937.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act passed.

    Fair Labor Standards Act passed.
    Hours of work and minimum wage of children is established. It kept children from working more hours than nessesary. It also kept children from being paid under a certain amount and over a certain amount.
  • Steel Strike

    Steel Strike
    Strike by the United Steelworkers of America. It was against U.S. Steel and 9 other steelworkers. The strike never really happened. President Truman Nationalized it before workers started.

    The MLB strike was issued because players wanted more money from owners. Games that were missed over the period of time were never played. The league refused to pay the players for the missed games because they didn't play the games.
  • New York City Transit Strike

    New York City Transit Strike
    The NYC Transit TWU refused to work in 2005. The workers wanted pensions and wage increases. It occured at 3:00 a.m. Most workers attended the strike so transport was shut down for the time being. Service was restored over night two days later.