Treatment of Jews in Germany

  • Hitler appointed Chancellor

    Hitler appointed Chancellor
    Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany, a nation with a Jewish population of 566,000. The people of Germany were short of jobs, without food, and desperate for a leader to help them become a stronger country. Although he promised to do this in his speeches given, Hitler and the Nazi party had other plans to destroy the republic in Germany.
  • SS Opens 1st Concentration Camp

    SS Opens 1st Concentration Camp
    Shortly after Hitler gains power, the Nazis open the Dachau concentration camp near Munich. The building of Dachau was followed by three more concentration camps, including the Buchenwald near Weimar, Sachsenhaussen near Berlin, and Ravensbruck for women only. These camps would soon become the place many Jews would go to as a result of the Holocaust.
  • Jewish shops are boycotted

    Jewish shops are boycotted
    For one day, every Jewish shop was boycotted by the Germans. They took advantage of the Jews having their Sabbath day on a Saturday. This event signaled the downward spiral of the Jews in Germany, and a significant change in Jewish society.
  • Jews banned from the German Labor Union

    Jews banned from the German Labor Union
    The Jewish people were banned from unions, because the Germans thought the Jewish were communists and did not want themto be in a union with socialists. The Jews were restricted from the Labor Union as well as any other unions in Germany, according to Hitler.
  • Hitler becomes Fuhrer

    Hitler becomes Fuhrer
    After the death of German president Paul von Hindenburg, Hitler and the Nazis took advantage of the oppurtunity to gain absolute power in Germany. Soon after the death, Hitler announced a law stating the office of Reich president and Reich Chancellor will be combined after the death of president von Hindenburg. Dating the law as of August 1, the Nazis and Hitler were able to put this into effect immediately, forcing every German to pledge an allegance to Hitler.
  • Nuremberg Laws decreed

    Nuremberg Laws decreed
    The Nuremberg Race Laws were put into effect on September 15 and deprived all Jews of many of their rights as citizens. The laws regarded Jewish marriage, stating that it is forbidden for them to marry anyone except another Jew, requiring them to get a medical examination before they get married. Aside from this, the laws restricted many other areas of Jewish life, and eventually deprived them from all rights as human beings.
  • The 1936 olympics

    The 1936 olympics
    The Jewish people weren't allowed because he wanted all of the Aryans to win medals. HItler was scared that the Jewish people would beat them. Even though the Jews who entered the
    0lympics knew they would be persecuted against, they still tried to win the medals anyway.
  • Identification Papers required

    Identification Papers required
    The jews were desperate to get out of germany and away from what was happeneing there.So, they created fake visas so they could travel to the United Sates or Canada .They also created fake papers in order to get away from concentration camps.In those papers they sayd they were christians.
  • Kristallnacht

    This Night was the Night of the Broken Glass,this is when the Germans went in to the "ghetto" and damaged everything special to the jews ,they trashed all stores ,raped women,broke valuable things to the jews. Only nine jews died that night and many were left injured.After,this the Germans just left.
  • Yellow stars introduced

    Yellow stars introduced
    Any Jew in Poland above the age of 10 is now required to wear a yellow Jewish star on their clothing, signifying that they are a Jew. The star was to be worn on their right arm. The Star of David was painted on Jewish shop windows during the Nazi boycott in 1933, but the idea of wearing the Star was not brought up until a meeting in November of 1938. It wasn't until 1941 when the badge was brought into Germany as well.
  • Last train of Jews to a concentration camp

    Last train of Jews to a concentration camp
    The last transport of about 2,000 Jews were sent to Auschwitz in October of 1944.
  • Hitler commits suicide

    Hitler commits suicide
    Inside a bunker under his headquarters in Berlin, HItler commits suicide. He swallowed a cyanide capsule and shot himself in the head. Shortly after, Germany surrenders to the Allied forces, and the World War II is over.