Transportation Then and Now

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In History
  • 8,000 BCE


    The canoe is one of the first documented ways people traveled from place to place. The earliest found canoe was found in the Netherlands. Many cultures dugout trees such as red cedar or birch to create a lightweight frame that could carry a of weight.
  • -600 BCE


    A Carriage is a wheeled horse drawn vehicle to transport people or materials from place to place. In different parts of the world carriages had different designs but the same purpose.
  • Hot Air Balloon

    Hot Air Balloon
    The Hot Air Balloon was the first successful human-carrying flight technology. There is an open flame under the balloon, when it is turned on the heated air causes the balloon to fill and fly up into the sky along with the attached wicker basket and contents.
  • Steam Locomotive

    Steam Locomotive
  • Motorcycle

  • Gas Car

    Gas Car
  • Glider

  • Airplane

  • Jet Airliner

    Jet Airliner
    A Jet Airliner is an airliner powered by usually 2 or 4 jet engines. This form of transportation flies in the sky to carry people or objects. They can travel far distances in short amounts of times due to their speed.
  • Hovercraft

  • Rocketship

  • Segway

    A Segway is a two-wheeled form of transportation for one individual. The person must balance while riding since there are tilt sensors that drive and tell the Segway which direction is desired to travel.
  • Self-driving Car

    Self-driving Car
  • Period:
    8,000 BCE

    Evolution of Transportation