Tornado Alley-- 2011: One of the deadliest years in history (Draft 2)

By jeaatt
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    2011 Tornado Season

  • #2 Deadliest--Natchez, MS

    317 people killed. Second deadliest tornado in history. Death toll so large because it went over the Miss. River and large amount of boat traffic.
  • #3 Deadliest --St. Louis

    255 killed. A mile of whipping swinds and hit 6 miles west of the Eads Bridge in a highly populated area. It crossed into IL, which caused more devastation.
  • #9 Deadliest -- New Richmond WS

    117 killed. Began as a waterspout on Lake St. Croix and ended in the town of New Richmond. Bad timing because over 1000 residents had gathered in town for a circus.
  • #7 Deadliest -- Amite, LA and Purvis, MS

    143 killed. Moved in LA and moved east and kept tearing aprat towns on its way into MS. Two mile wide path and ran through a rail yard
  • #1 Deadliest --The Tri-State Tornado (MO, IL, IN)

    #1 Deadliest --The Tri-State Tornado (MO, IL, IN)
    695 people killed. Deadliest Tornado in history. Began in Ellington, MO and then traveled 219 miles ending in Indiana. Gorham, IL saw the worst devastation.
  • #4 Deadliest --Tupelo, MS

    #4 Deadliest --Tupelo, MS
    216 killed. Fourth greatest tornado in history. More than 200 homes, including high -end home were hit hard. More probably died but only white residents were recorded.
  • #5 Deadliest -- Gainesville, GA

    #5 Deadliest -- Gainesville, GA
    203 killed. One day after the Tupelo tornado, two twisters hit both residential and downtown building at the start of the workday and 70 people were killed in the Cooper Pants Factory. Tornado blew all the way to SC.
  • #6 Deadliest -- Woodward, OK

    #6 Deadliest -- Woodward, OK
    181 killed. This storm hit KS, OK, TX on the same day as the GA tornado. Death toll highest in Woodward.
  • #10 -- Flint, MI

    #10 -- Flint, MI
    115 killed. Before Joplin, this tornado held the unfortunate title as the last tornado to kill more than 100 people. Traveled two miles north of Flushing and hit the north part of Flint, which was heavily populated.
  • Hackleburg, Alabama

    Hackleburg, Alabama
  • Tuscaloosa-Birmingham

    32 died.
  • #8 Deadliest -- Joplin, MO

    #8 Deadliest -- Joplin, MO
    Joplin 154+ killed. The lethal Joplin twister has also made 2011 the deadliest year for tornadoes since 1953, with 537 deaths in the US and 551 worldwide (and still climbing) in over 1,066 confirmed tornadoes in the US so far. With ever improving forecasting and communication systems, death tolls from tornadoes have significantly dropped.
  • Springfield, MA

    Springfield, MA
    4 died.