Topics and Actions Taken by Wisconsin Conservation Congress - Deer and Elk Study Comittee

  • 2013 Deer Season

    Review unit map for deer season 2013. Take comments from the public to help set goals for deer season. Need to lower quota in the Northern units, while expanding available hunting area. Focus on CWD outbreak for deer health and report to DNR website.
  • Wrap up of Deer Season 2013

    DNR researching amount of deer killed by cars and not by health disorders. Goal in 2014 to increase deer in Northern units to stablizie balance in the state. New county form is having success and some difficulties.
  • DNR, Hunter and Citizen Concerns

    Biology of fawn survival is discussed. Lift on the banning of baiting for deer and elk is discussed because spreading of disease could still occur if ban is not in place for more than one year. New county unit system is working, CDAC is able to anterless tags throughout the units of their counties.
  • Final Overview for 2014 Deer Season

    Antlerless tags for 2014 were free for farmland units but 2015 tags will be free according to units. Free tags will be in a specific zone or unit. A county has the authority to say no free tags, 1 or 2.