Toowoomba's history

By jaspr1
  • Allen Cunning Ham

    Birth of Allan Cunningham
  • John Sterry

    John Sterry Baker ( Gorman’s runaway convict) born at Norfolk, England
  • Patrick Leslie

    Birth of Patrick Leslie
  • Allen and Philip

    Allan Cunning ham assisted Philip Parker King in his survey of the Qld coastline.
  • John Sterry

    John Sterry Baker sentenced for life at Suffolk, England.
  • John Sterry

    John Sterry Baker sentenced to the Moreton Bay Settlement for some obscure offence
  • Allenn and John

    Sept- Allan Cunningham accompanied John Oxley to Moreton Bay and surveyed the Brisbane River
  • Proggres in darling downs

    30 April Allan Cunningham left Segenhoe in the Hunter Valley, NSW when setting out north and discovering the Darling Downs.
  • Discovered darling downs

    6 June- Allan Cunningham discovered the Darling Downs.
  • Patrick lesile

    Patrick Leslie arrived in Australia
  • Allenn dead

    Death of Allan Cunningham
  • leslie brothers

    2 July- The first head station was established by the Leslie brothers at Toolburra This was the first permanent pastoral settlement in present day QLD

    December- J.C. Burnett surveyed the existing settlement at “The Springs’ (Drayton).
  • hores races

    21 June- First horse races at Drayton.
    Patrick Leslie bought back Goomburra Station
    First meeting re the school at Drayton held in the Bull’s Head Inn
  • Bulls head inn

    20 August- In the Bull’s Head Inn, the Reverend B Glennie conducted the first Church of England service on the Downs.

    William Shuttlewood and William Gurney met Josiah Dent who was living at “The Swamp”.
  • William Horton

    William Horton became proprietor of the Royal Bull’s Head Inn. He became the owner when the land was given as a government grant in 1851 and 1854.
  • the naming of Toowoomba

    1 Jan- The naming of “Toowoomba” was celebrated by the people of Drayton and Toowoomba.
  • separation

    Following the separation of this part of the colony from NSW, Drayton, Toowoomba, Cambooya and Crow’s Nest were formed into an electorate with a roll of 243 voters, returning one parliamentary representative with whom we associate the names of Mr John watts, MLA and William Henry Groom, MLA, successive representatives for the electorate.
  • Bull head inn 2

    The Royal Bull’s Head Inn was rebuilt except for the kitchen and occupied by William Horton
  • cricket match

    The first Drayton verses Toowoomba cricket match was held.
  • officaly named

    Toowoomba was officially named.
  • Drayton State School

    1 April- Drayton School became QLd State School number 31.
  • the electcions

    The first municipal elections for Toowoomba took place in January with 285 voters. It resulted in the election of William Henry Groom, “Father of Toowoomba” as mayor and he with his alderman began the task of running the municipality. One of the council’s first acts was to petition the Colonial Government to grant it land for the erection of a town hall.
  • John Watts

    John Watts resigned from the state Parliament.
  • Clifford house

    Clifford House was built as a Squatter’s Club.
  • W.H. Groom is elected

    W.H. Groom was elected to the first Legislative Assembly and served in 13 parliaments to 1901.
  • Toowoombas first town hall

    June-Toowoomba’s first Town Hall, the first in Queensland, was opened. It was situated on the present site of the Toowoomba Guidance and Special Education Unit.
  • Lieutenant Owen Gorman

    6 October- Lieutenant Owen Gorman, last commandant of the Moreton Bay Settlement, died of pneumonia at Armidale, New South Wales at the age of 63 years.
  • willies death

    William Horton’s death
  • toowoombas poplation

    Toowoombas poplation 3541
  • John Boland

    John Boland and Henry Neale both claimed to be mayor of Drayton.
  • swamps drained

    Toowoomba’s swamps were drained.
  • Bull head inn 3

    The Royal Bull’s Head Inn became a private residence.
  • Jackie Howe

    Jackie Howe, at Isis Downs Station, Blackall, shore 321 sheep in 8 hours 40 minutes. He established a record never to be equalled by blade shearers. At Barcaldine Downs, using machines for the first time, Jackie Howe shore 370 sheep in eight hours. Even with the introduction of mechanical shears, Jackie’s record stood for 58 years. In 1950 Ted Rieck shore 326 sheep on a Julia Creek property. Jackie Howe who was born in Warwick became immortalised through the low-necked sleeveless, flannel single
  • toowoomba city

    20 October- Toowoomba declared a city.
  • bull head inn 4

    September- The Royal Bull’s Head Inn was acquired by the National Trust of QLD.