Tony La Russa

  • Birthday

    Tony La Russa was born on October 4, 1944 in Tampa, Florida.
  • First Contract

    First Contract
    On the night La Russa graduates from Jefferson High School, he signs his first proffesional contract to play for the Kansas City Athletics.
    Displayed his HUMAN RELATION skills by being able to get signed at the age of 18. Teams believed that he could work well with others and is partially why he was signed so young.
  • University of South Florida

    University of South Florida
    La Russa earns a degree in industrial management from the University of South Florida.
    Tony did this to increase his TECHNICAL SKILLS. He used the management skills he learned at university to assist him as a manager.
  • Last Appearance As An MLB Player

    Last Appearance As An MLB Player
    On Opening Day 1973, La Russa appeared as a pinch runner for Ron Santo in the 9th. He scores the winning run, and his last run as a player.
  • Becomes Manager of Double-A Knoxville White Sox

    Becomes Manager of Double-A Knoxville White Sox
    In 1978 La Russa was named the manager of the Minor League Knoxville Sox. This was his first job as a manager.
    The White Sox signed him as a manager because he understood the game and how a team should work together. This CONCEPTUAL SKILL Tony had so he was given a chance to manage a team.
  • Becomes Manager of Triple-A Iowa Oaks

    Becomes Manager of Triple-A Iowa Oaks
    In 1979, Tony becomes the manager of the Minor League team the Iowa Oaks.
    Tony displayed his good ENTREPRENEUR in double-A. He took initiative and risks and was sucessful. This led to his management skills being wanted at a higher level.
  • Named the Manager of the Chicago White Sox

    Named the Manager of the Chicago White Sox
    With 54 games left in the 1979 season, La Russa replaces manager Don Kessinger as the manager of the Chicago White Sox.
    He was a good MONITOR. He looked over both Minor Leagure teams and made sure they were playing good baseball. Eventually beacuse of this skill he was given a chance to look over the MLB team.
  • Wins the Accolade of AL Manager of The Year

    Wins the Accolade of AL Manager of The Year
    White Sox make their first postseason appearance in 24 years. They end the 1983 regular season with 99 wins and 63 losses.
    He was a good PLANNER. He had a plan for the 1983 season and stuck to it. This included line-ups, pitching rotations, and when he rested players. It led to him winning AL Manager of The Year.
  • Fired by White Sox

    Fired by White Sox
    General manager, ken Harrelson, fires Tony 1/4 of the way into the 1986 season. Later he is hired to be the Oakland A's manager that same year.
    Being signed so soon after being fired it showed teams saw Tony as a FIGUREHEAD. The A's saw him at the top and was a person who could be in that role. He proved he could be a figurehead when he was in Chicago,
  • Wins the AL Pennant

    Wins the AL Pennant
    La Russa wins the 1988 AL Pennant and is named AL Manager of The Year for his second time. Unforunately he loses to the Dodgers in the World Series.
    ORGANIZATION played a role in Tony winning the pennant. He use his roster in an organized fashion. He used it the way it would work which is working players strengths together.
  • Wins World Series

    Wins World Series
    In 1989 Tony La Russa wins his first World Series with tthe Oakland A's beating the San Francisco Giants.
    Tony was a good DISSEMINATOR. He moved players who were pitchers into fielding position where he thought they would play the best. Although this was rare the results worked out for him leading to his World Series win.
  • Loses the World Series

    Loses the World Series
    Making his third consecutive World Series appearance, Tony loses to the Cincinnati Reds.
    Tony was a good NEGOTIATOR. Usually after a team go deep into the postseason the next year they end up being bad. Not in Tony's case. he negotiated off season players to come in and help his cause. This is why he made 3 consecutive post season appearances.
  • Named AL Manager of The Year

    Named AL Manager of The Year
    Tony earned the accolade of AL Manager of The Year for his thrid time.
    Tony was a good RESOURCE ALLOCATOR. He tried new coaching styles each season. He switched of his methods seeing which style was best fit for his team. This meant bringing in resources in a cycle to suit how he wanted to run his team.
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    Tony La Russa

  • Fired by Oakland

    Fired by Oakland
    Tony is fired by the Oakland A's after the end of the 1995 season.
    Tony proved he was a leader. By the end of his time in Oakland he made three consecutive World Series appearances and won one of them. This showed Tony has the skill to be a LEADER and take a team to such a feat as a World Series.
  • Hired as Cardinals General Manager

    Hired as Cardinals General Manager
    Tony La Russa is chosen to rplace Joe Torre as the general manager of the St. Louis Cardinals.
    After he was fired by Oakland he quickly found a job in St. Louis. It showed he was a good DISTURBANCE HANDLER because even though he got accostomed to Oakland, after he was fired he wan't distressed. His calm, collectiveness probably mad him the best choice for the Cardinals.
  • Named NL Manager of The Year

    Named NL Manager of The Year
    La Russa is named the 2002 NL Manager of The Year. His first award as a NL manager and his 4th award overall.
    Tony's CONTROLLING skills had to do with his win. He kept everyone on the same page with the same goal. No one had individual accomplishments. This was caused by Tony screaming at his team to work for eachother and him. This gave him a good record worthy of NL Manager of The Year.
  • Loses 2002 World Series

    Loses 2002 World Series
    Tony loses the 2002 World Series to the Boston Red Sox.
    Tony played a good LIAISON role. His communication to his player led them to all work for eachother. His team averages were the best in all his years. This shows Tony took the extra step to make sure his players went far.
  • Wins World Series

    Wins World Series
    Tony beats the Detroit Tigers to win his second World Series and his first in the National League.
    Tony STAFFING got him this ring. he brought in a team to surround his star Albert Pujols well. Also, his pitching staff had a good earned run average and was surrounded by another star Chris Carpenter.
  • Wins World Series

    Beats the Texas Rangers to win his third World Series and his second one in five years as a Cardinal.
    In five years Tony one two World Series. His LEADING skills were amazing. It's hard to keep team together over five years. However Tony beats the odds and kept the Cardinals a threat every season. It paid off for him with his third overall World Series win.
  • Number Retired

    Tony retired after the 2011 seasoon. Tony La Russa jersey number, 10, was retired by the St. Louis Cardinals honoring his 16 years of managing.
    Tony La Russa was one of the greatest managers ever. he committed his life to the game. He is a great example of what younger managers strive to be like. He is one the the greatest SPOKESPERSON to show how far a manager can take a team.