Tom Sawyer 20 key events

By tudaman
  • Whitewashing

    Tom Sawyer trick the boys into whitewashing the fence.
  • Becky

    Tom sees Becky Thatcher for the first time.
  • Church

    Tom gets his Bible and creates chaos in church.
  • Becky

    He meets Becky Thatcher for the first time.
  • Engagment

    Tom and Becky get "engaged".
  • Pirate

    Tom decides he wants to be a pirate.
  • Graveyard

    Tom and Huck go to the graveyard where they see Injun Joe kill the doctor.
  • Promise

    Tom and Huck promise to not tell anyone what they saw.
  • Pirating

    Tom, Huck, and Joe take off to become pirates.
  • Island Adventure

    The boys get to the island and have a splendid time.
  • Visit

    Tom secretyly visits home and finds out people think that the boys drowned.
  • Funeral

    Tom, Huck, and Joe return home the day of their funerals.
  • Tom and Becky

    Tom and Becky
    Tom takes Becky's punishment at school.
  • Tom Reveals

    Tom tells about what really happened the graveyard night, and Injun Joe runs away.
  • Treasure

    Tom and Huck go to look for treasure, and the find it in a scary house where Injun Joe and a Spaniard man enter.
  • Huck

    Huck follow Injun Joe to the widow's house, then gets the Welshman's to scare Injun Joe off.
  • Tom and Becky:Cave

    Tom and Becky:Cave
    During the Thatchers picnic, Tom and Becky get stunk in the cave.
  • Injun Joe's fate

    Tom and Becky get out of the cave, but Injun Joe dies in it.
  • Gold!

    Tom and Huck find the gold in the cave under a big rock.
  • Huck and the widow

    Huck goes and lives with the widow, but he doesn't like it and wants to become part of a gang.