Timeline of Warriors and MBA history

  • Warriors kicked out of MBA

    The Warriors begin their fued with the MBA after the association kicks the club out of all MBA run competitions two weeks after the season started, citing 'ethical conflicts
  • Period: to

    2009 - Present

  • Warriors win first Expression of Interest

    The Warriors win the first Expression of Interest for use of the GESAC courts over the MBA
  • MBA petition to have the Council's decision reversed

    MBA successfully petition the Glen Eira Council to reverse their decision and give rights of GESAC to them
  • Ombudsman finds original contract between GE Council and Warriors binding

    The Council's decision to grant MBA rights to GESAC is reversed after the state Ombudsman finds the original contract was legally binding. MBA offered rights to use GESAC on Saturday mornings if it pays for the Warriors' use of other courts in the area
  • Debacle ends with MBA losing all rights to GESAC

    MBA refuses to pay for the Warriors to use other courts on Saturdays, essentially ending any contact the assocation will have with GESAC