timeline of the 70s!

  • Aswan High Dam is completed

    Aswan High Dam is completed
    Other this dam being completed, the Beatles broke up and the computer floppy disk was introduced.
  • VCRs are introduced

    VCRs are introduced
    Many people started watching videos on VCRs after this point.
  • Pocket calculator is introduced

    Pocket calculator is introduced
    Many people still use them today.
  • U.S. pulls out of vietnam.

    Also, abortion was legalized, the sears tower was built, and the U.S president resigns.
  • U.S president nixon resigns.

    also, the Terracotta Army was Discovered in China
  • Microsoft Founded

    Civil War in Lebanon
  • Tangshan Earthquake Kills Over 240,000

    North and South Vietnam Join to Form the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • Elvis found dead

    Also, the star wars movie was realeased
  • Jonestown Massacre

  • Mother Theresa Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and Nuclear Accident at Three Mile Island

    Sony Introduces the Walkman, and Iran Takes American Hostages in Tehran