timeline of robots

Timeline created by Kowaleski
In History
  • mindstorm robotic

    mindstorm robotic
    LEGO released their MINDSTORMS robotic development product line,
    which is a system for inventing robots using a modular design and LEGO
    plastic bricks.
  • Cye robot

     Cye robot
    Personal Robots released the Cye robot. It performed a variety of household
    chores, such as delivering mail, carrying dishes, and vacuuming. It was
    created by Probotics Inc.
  • robot fish.

     robot fish.
    Mitsubishi created a robot fish. The intention was to create a robotic version of
    an extinct species of fish.
  • robotic dog

    robotic dog
    Sony released the first Aibo robotic dog.
  • Sony Dream Robots

     Sony Dream Robots
    SDR was able to
    recognize 10 different faces, expresses emotion through speech and body language, and can walk on flat as well as irregular surfaces
  • iRobot Packbots

    iRobot Packbots
    iRobot Packbots searched through the rubble of the world Trade Center.
    Subsequent versions of the Packbot robots are used in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Roomba robotic vacuum c

     Roomba robotic vacuum c
    iRobot released the first generation of Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners.
  • RobotShop Distribution Inc

    RobotShop Distribution Inc
    RobotShop Distribution Inc. was founded to provide today’s society with
    domestic and professional robot technology that can help increase the pleasure,
    knowledge liberty and security of individuals.
  • Spirit and Sojourner.

    Spirit and Sojourner.
    As part of their mission to explore Mars, NASA launched twin robotic rovers
    on June 10 and July 7, 2003 called Spirit and Sojourner.
  • self-replicating robots.

    self-replicating robots.
    Cornell University created self-replicating robots.