Timeline of Paul Revere

  • Boston Massacre

    On March 5, soldiers shot and killed three colonist; Paul Revere was a witness. (The Spy Who Saw it All; pg. 2)
  • Boston Tea Party

    Revere led one of teh groups onto a British ship in an attempt to dump the tea. (The Spy Who Saw it All; pg. 2)
  • Doctor Warren tells Revere of Soldiers

    At 10 o'clock Paul Revere was told to warn Samual Admas and John Hancock that soldiers were coming for them. (The Deposition; pg. 311)
  • Paul Revere's Ride

    At midnight of the 19th, Revere crossed the bridge into Medford town to warn the towns people that the British were coming. (Paul Revere's Ride; pg. 305)
  • Paul Revere's Ride

    At one in the morning Revere traveled into Lexington to warn the people. (Midnight Ride of Paul Revere; pg. 305)
  • Paul Revere's Ride

    It was 2 in the morning when Revere road into Concord. This is also the home of where the first minuteman was shot down.
  • Paul Revere is Stopped by Officers

    Early the next morning when Paul Revere is on his way back from Concord, four officers with pistols stop him. (The Deposition; pg. 311)
  • Paul Revere Flees Soldiers

    At 11 o'clock, Revere is going towards Concord when he sees two officers standing under a tree. Not wanting to get arrested Revere out runs the officers on horseback. (The Deposition; pg. 311)
  • Decleration of Independance

    This decleration gave colonist like Paul Revere freedom from England. (The Spy Who Saw it All; pg. 1)