Timeline of Lyrical Dance

  • Origin of Dance

    Origin of Dance
    Lyrical Dance was originaly created in the mideival times. However, the term was actually created in the 1960's. Dancers choreographed dances to popular songs and began using the phrase "lyrical' to describe the practice of a piece of music.
  • Progress of Lyrical

    Progress of Lyrical
    Lyrical dance was still a new art form in the 1970's.
  • Development of Lyrical

    Development of Lyrical
    Lyrical is a mixture of ballet, and jazz. It is a little slower than jazz, and a little faster than ballet. And, when you dance lyrical, you will take up alot of room. Because, lyrical dance usually has big movements in the choreography.
  • Current Update of Lyrical dance today.

    Current Update of Lyrical dance today.
    If a dancer has a lyrical dance today their typical costume would be one that expresses the emotions in the dance. Usually it is a dress, or a flowy skirt. A lyrical dance tells a story.
  • Future Prediciton for Lyrical Dance.

    Future Prediciton for Lyrical Dance.
    My prediction for Lyrical dance is that it will probably just stay the same. It will still be soft music, with pretty flowy costumes. It will still be used to tell a story through the dance, the music, and the costume. And it will still be a type of dance combining ballet and jazz in 2 beautiful ways!