Timeline of Education in the U.S.

  • Colony Mandates

    colonies mandated parents to educate their children
  • "Old Deluder Satan Act"

    every town of 50+ families had to hire a primary school teacher
  • Educate or pay fines

    anyone with children under their guidance had to learn to read and write by the age of 12 or learn a useful trade or they would be charged 5 pounds per child
  • Dame Schools

    widows or women who's children have grown would take in a few locals kids to teach the reading, writing and arithmetic
  • Northwest Ordinance

    Midwestern territories are required to set aside a section of land for educational purposes, which led to the creation of land grant colleges that would educate teachers and skilled professionals
  • Ecole Normale

    establishment of special state funded post secondary institutions, a model for the training of elementary teachers. Established in France 1794
  • First Organized School System

    Massachusetts and Connecticut organize the first school districts
  • First Normal School

    The first normal school was founded in Lexington, MA
  • Ipswitch Female Academy

    prepared teachers for the fast increasing number of common schools
  • Boston Quincy School

    Boston Quincy School replaces multi age, one room design
  • Hartford Female Seminary

    Founded by Catherine Beecher
  • Wisconsin School Law

    stipulates that elementary education should be free to everyone between the ages of 4 and 20
  • American Women's Educational Association

    Organized by Catherine Beecher to advance the role of women in the nation's development.
  • Morrill Act of 1862

    President Lincoln signs the Morrill Act. This gives States and Territories land to begin colleges.
  • Emancipation

    President Lincoln signs the proclamation , abolishing slavery.
  • Carlisle Indian School

    A boarding school for Native Americans, started by Richard Henry Pratt to integrate them into white civilization
  • Hatch Act

    land grant colleges were encouraged to set up experimental farms where faculty and students could conduct research into agricultural improvement
  • Dewey Laboratory Scool

    John Dewey establishes the Laboratory school that tests his own theories and allows faculty and students to study how children learn and to try out new methods of instruction
  • Plessy V Ferguson

    U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the principle that political equality did not guarantee social equality. Establised the basis of "separate but equal."
  • First labor union for teachers

    Margaret Haley cofounds the Chicago Teacher's Federation with Catherine Goggin as the first labor union for teachers
  • Daytona Normal and Industrial Institute Founded

    Now Bethune College, founded in 1904 by Mary McLeod Bethune to serve black girls in Florida
  • First Female School Superintendent

    Ella Flagg Young is appointed as the first female school superintendent
  • Women allowed to vote

    The Ninteenth Amendment allows women the right to vote
  • Snyder Act

    Mandates the teaching of Indian history and culture in schools
  • Free Schools

    A.S. Neill founds the self-governing, democratic environments where everyone votes in determining school policies and rules
  • Indian Reorganization Act

    Mandates the teaching of Indian history and culture in schools
  • Brown v. Board of Education

    ends legal segragation of black and white school children
  • National Defense Education Act

    passed by congress to increase American student's knowledge of math and science in the face of Soviet threats
  • Elementary and Secondary Education Act

    federal government helps to equalize educational opportunities for all children
  • Title IX

    No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational programs or activity receiving federal financial assistance.
  • Women's Educational Equity Act

    Provided federal funding to schools of model programs, training and research aimed at leveling the playing field for young women
  • A Nation at Risk

    government report that highlights the weaknesses in American Public Schhols
  • No Child Left Behind

    requires annual testing in reading, math and science and publish the results