Timeline of Dr. Seuss

  • Birth of Dr. Seuss

    Birth of Dr. Seuss
    Dr. Seuss was born with the name Theodor Seuss Geisel is Springfield, Massachusetts.
  • Marriage

    Dr. Seuss married his first wife Helen Palmer who later died at the year 1967
  • Mulberry Street

    Mulberry Street
    Ted presented his manuscripts to 27 publishers and in return he got 27 rejections. He later bumped into a Dartmouth friend who worked at Vanguard Press who published Mulberry Street for him.
  • Serving in a U.S. Army

    Serving in a U.S. Army
    Dr. Seuss ended up serving in Frank Capra's Signal Corps where he made movies related to the war efforts. He was also introduced to animations,
  • McElligot's Pool

    McElligot's Pool
    McElligot's Pool was published
  • Purchasing With Helen

    Purchasing With Helen
    Ted and Helen purchased an old observation tower located in LA Jolla, California.
  • Bartholomew and the Oobleck

    Bartholomew and the Oobleck
    Bartholomew and the Oobleck was published.
  • If I Ran the Zoo

    If I Ran the Zoo
    HIs book If I Ran the Zoo was published.
  • Winning an Oscar

    Winning an Oscar
    He won an Oscar for Best Cartoon which was Gerald McBoing-Boing.
  • Phone Call

    Ted got a phone call from his friend Chuck Jones who was trying to convince Seuss into adapting How the Grinch Stole Christmas! on television.
  • Second Marriage

    Second Marriage
    Geisel married his second wife Audrey Stone Diamond.
  • The Lorax

    The Lorax
    The Lorax was published.
  • Peabody

    For the animated specials How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and Horton Hears a Who!, Dr. Seuss won a Peabody.
  • Greatest Contribution

    Greatest Contribution
    He donated a Lion Wading Pool at Wild Animal Park is San Diego.
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder Award

    Laura Ingalls Wilder Award
    The American Library Association honored Ted with the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award.
  • The Butter Battle Book

    The Butter Battle Book
    The Butter Battle Book was published and is about a threatening war against the Yooks and the Zooks. For six months this book remained on The New York Times' Bestseller for adults!
  • Retrospective

    The San Diego Museum of Art featured a which was dedicated to Geisel's life and work.
  • Book on Television

    Book on Television
    The Butter Battle Book came out on television version.
  • Death

    Ted Seuss Geisel died at the age of 87
  • Dream Come True

    Dream Come True
    Ted's dream was to be able to share his works with his fans. Finally, his dream came true when The Art of Dr. Seuss project was launched. Collectors were able to see all the different works of art that Dr. Seuss made.
  • Exhibition

    The Connecticut Valley Historical Museum scheduled an exhibition that concided with the unveiling of the National Seuss Memorial.
  • Successful Works of Arts

    Successful Works of Arts
    Geisel's artworks have toured leading museums and and galleries all across the world which etablished him as a significant artist in the 20th century.