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  • John Williams was born in 1932.

    John Williams was born in 1932.
    John Williams was born the eighth of February of 1932 in New York. He's a compositor and a trombonist considered one of the most prolific composers in cinema.
  • Instruments he played.

    Instruments he played.
    At the age of seven, he began his piano studies. Then, at the age of ten, his father agreed that if he continued his piano lessons, he could start studying trombone. Later he also learned to play the trumpet and clarinet .
  • John Williams's biography.

    John Williams's biography.
    John Williams attended North Hollywood High School in 1948 and then in the University of California, where he studied piano and composition. In 1952, he entered in United States Air Force , where he arranged and conducted music for the air force band. Next, Williams moved to New York City and entered the Juilliard School , where he studied piano. In 1960 he was hired by Columbia Records as a pianist and composer, where he made numerous albums with the German-born composer André Previn.
  • Composers who influenced John Williams.

    Composers who influenced John Williams.
    The most common style of Williams's compositions is often a form of neoromanticism mainly influenced by German romantic composers such as Richard Wagner , Max Steiner, and Erich Wolfgang Korngold .
  • Cinema's music.

    Cinema's music.
    The first musical compositions he made in the cinema for the film How to Steal a Million. In 1974, he received a proposal from Steven Spielberg to compose the music for The Sugarland Express , a film in which Spielberg would make his directorial debut. In the same period, Spielberg recommended John Williams to his friend and colleague George Lucas , who needed a composer for his ambitious space epic Star Wars . (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nXnW8QEeGDo)
  • Star Wars BSO

    Star Wars BSO
    To this project, Williams employed a large symphony orchestra (the London Symphony Orchestra). The movie and the soundtrack were very popular. In fact, the soundtrack sold more than 4 million copies, making it one of the most successful non-pop albums in recording history, and the best-selling symphonic soundtrack in history. With his composition, Williams won his third Oscar.
  • Another BSOs

    Another BSOs
    The next years, he composed the music for Encounters in the Third Phase, Superman, and Jaws 2. The so called Williams-Spielberg Collaboration was resumed with Raiders of the Lost Ark, which earned Williams another Oscar nomination with the soundtrack of Indiana Jones. The collaboration with Spielberg continued with ET, The Empire of the Sun together, Jurassic Park and Schindler's List. With the last, John Williams got his last Oscar.
  • His jobs as a director.

    His jobs as a director.
    In 1980, John Williams replaced Arthur Fiedler as principal director of the Boston Pops Orchestra. He also added to the orchestra's repertoire a large number of his own scores. He is a frequent guest director of other orchestras, including the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic , the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.
  • Harry Potter's BSO

    Harry Potter's BSO
    In the new millennium, Williams was called to compose the music for the film adaptation of the Harry Potter book series. He composed Hedwig's Theme , a characteristic piece of the saga that was used in all the tapes. Williams could not accept the commission to compose the music for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire because he already had five other soundtracks to develop in that year: Munich , Memoirs of a Geisha , Revenge of the Sith , War of the worlds and Superman Returns.
  • Curious date

    Curious date
    Williams has composed the music for 4 Olympic Games held in the last 26 years.Thesse are:
    " Olympic Fanfare and Theme " - Los Angeles Olympic Games 1984.
    " The Olympic Spirit " - Seoul Olympics 1988.
    " Summon the Heroes " - 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.
    " Call of the Champions " - Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics
  • Other orchestral compositions

    Other orchestral compositions
    Williams has composed more than 50 compositions beyond film and television. Such as the concert for horn and orchestra or Soundings, composed for the Walt Disney Concert Hall .
  • Awards

    Throughout his film career John Williams has won a total of five Oscars and four Golden Globe Awards . He has been nominated 21 times for the Golden Globes and 59 times for the Grammy Awards . With its 52 nominations for the Oscars is the living person who more times has chosen for this award. And in 2020, he was awarded the Princess of Asturias Award for the Arts , along with Ennio Morricone .