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Timeline of an Angel

  • Birth of a Destiny

    Birth of a Destiny
    The 29th of February of the year 1992, a leap year day, is when the human destined to be an Angel of Life and Death was born. He was named Tae Yoon, which embodies the characteristics of highness and dynamism. He is the only son of the Lee family, who owns a large group mining corporation.
  • Period: to

    Scheduler's Life

  • First Step for His Future

    First Step for His Future
    Tae Yoon entered school at his very young age, because his father want him to be literate as early as possible, and to learn many things. Even if Tae Yoon didn't want to enter school that early, he had to work hard and get outstanding grades to make his father proud of him. From then he discovered his talent and love for drawing and playing music using piano and violin,
  • Tae Yoon's First Birthday

    Tae Yoon's First Birthday
    Tae Yoon celebrated his first leap year birthday at the age of 4.
  • The Dream and the Feather

    The Dream and the Feather
    It was almost midnight and Tae Yoon was asleep, until he suddenly had a dream - a clear, vivid one. He dreamt that he was walking on a very dark and empty place. He was so scared that he was not able to move in his dream, until glowing feathers start to come down from the sky and surrounded him.
    He woke up in the morning next day holding a white feather on his right hand. He kept that feather and made it as a bookmark, but he didn't tell anyone about the dream had.
  • Tae Yoon's Second Leap Year Birthday

    Tae Yoon's Second Leap Year Birthday
    Tae Yoon celebrated his 2nd leap year birthday at the age of 8.
  • Tae Yoon's Third Leap Year Birthday

    Tae Yoon's Third Leap Year Birthday
    Tae Yoon celebrated his 3rd leap year birthday at the age of 12.
  • A Strong Bond

    A Strong Bond
    Tae Yoon was sent to Japan by his father to continue his studies as a sophomore of lower secondary high school. It was his father's decision to tranfer him to Japan because his father believes that Tae Yoon's friends back in Korea were bad influence for him. It was there where he met Hideki, a classmate and roommate in his dormitory. They were not close with each other at first, but they eventually became bestfriends. They treated each other as special, and protected one another as brothers.
  • Tsubasa

    Tae Yoon decided to get a tattoo on his back that is personally designed by him. It took his a one an a half week before the pain completely went away. He named the tattoo "Tsubasa" which means "wings" in Japanese language. This was his first and last tattoo.
  • Tae Yoon's Fourth Leap Year Birthday

    Tae Yoon's Fourth Leap Year Birthday
    Tae Yoon celebrated his 4th leap year birthday at the age of 16.
  • Bond Broken by Death

    Bond Broken by Death
    Tae Yoon and Hideki were excited to finish their high school, and were enjoying their summer vacation. They were already seniors of the upper high school, and are planning to go to college together. Everything was fine, until it was Hideki's birthday - the 6th of August. Hideki was on his way back from home to the dormitory that night to celebrate his birthday with Tae Yoon, but his motorcycle crashed. He was rushed to the hospital and died after confessing his secret love for Tae Yoon.
  • Moving On

    Moving On
    Tae Yoon had to finish the last year of his high school without Hideki. Though he was devastated by the tragedy, he still did his best to graduate with the highest grades to honor his father. After the graduation, Tae Yoon visited his best friend's grave for the last time and left his medal beside it.
    Tae Yoon went back home to Seoul the next day.
  • A New Day

    A New Day
    Tae Yoon studied a business course at one of the most leading universities in Seoul, both where and what to study are all decisions of his father. But Tae Yoon secretly enrolled himself in an art course as well because he loves to draw and make artworks.
  • A Glimpse of Destiny

    A Glimpse of Destiny
    Tae Yoon had a dream - the continuation of the dream he had years ago. At the beginning of the dream, he saw himself surrouded by hundreds of floating feathers, which all soon gathered on his back and formed into a pair of wings. He soon soared into the sky and flew with other winged humans. He saw them headed towards a big source of light on the vast horizons of the sky. He followed them and woke up as he reach the source of the mysterious light.
  • The Eternal Sleep

    The Eternal Sleep
    Three days after the continuation dream he had, Tae Yoon died from an unknown reason - he just didn't wake up when he slept the night before. Everyone he knew mourned and were all shocked.
    That same day, Tae Yoon found himself in an odd place. A beautiful manor that is located in a very far place, according to the first person he saw that time, who introduced himself as Light, the head Scheduler. Light told him that he's already dead and explained to him every detail of his destiny as Scheduler.
  • Start of a New Life

    Start of a New Life
    Tae Yoon's journey started this date and up to the present time.