Timeline/ancestry tree about Charlemagne's family

  • 768

    Pepin the Hunchback

    Pepin the Hunchback
    This son was born of Himiltrude both called the wife and mistress. Pépin however was born with a spinal deformity and called a hunchback. He never compared to his father's other sons. After an attempted rebellion from his father, he was confined to a monastery.
  • Period: Oct 9, 768 to Jan 28, 814

    King of the Franks

    He inherited the crown from his father Pepin the Short and ended up giving the crown to his only son that outlived him Louis the Pious.
  • Period: 770 to 771

    1st wife of Charlemagne Desiderata of the Lombards

    Married to create a political bond between Francia and the Kingdom of Lombards. The marriage lasted just a year and their is no proof of any children from this marriage
  • Period: 771 to 783

    2nd wife of Charlemagne Hildegard of Vinzgau "Mother of Kings and Emperors"

    She was born the daughter of Gerold of Kraichau(Udalriching family faounder) and his wife Emma. Emma was the Duke Nebe of Alemannia's daughter. She was the mother of Louis the Pious. She was believed to be either 12 or 13 when she married Charlemagne. Throughout her 12 years of pregnancies with even one pair of twins.
  • 772

    Charles the Younger

    Charles the Younger
    Was the firstborn from Hildegard. When Charlemagne divided his entire empire between his remaining male heirs he received the title the King of Franks from his father. The oldest title for the oldest son still in good favor.
  • 773


    The first of Charlemagne's female children were born during the siege of Pavia. She was named in remembrance of Charlemagne's deceased sister. She died in the return to France.
  • Period: Jul 28, 774 to Jan 28, 814

    King of the Lombards

    Through his first wife Desiderata of the Lombards, he gained the crown of the Lombards through their political marriage. Although they only lasted one year together and with no children, Charlemagne kept the crown of the Lombard empire. With this, he was both the King of the Franks and the Lombards.
  • 775


    The second-born daughter from Hildegard. When she was 6 she was betrothed to Constantine VI the Byzantine Emperor. However, the engagement was broken off in 788. She later had a son with Rorgo of Rennes and had one son with him.
  • 777

    Pepin of Italy(Carloman)

    Pepin of Italy(Carloman)
    He was the second son of Charlemagne through Hildegard. He was initially called Carloman but was rechristened as Pepin. He was made king of Italy after his father's conquest of the Lombards.
  • 778

    Louis The Pious

    Louis The Pious
    He was a twin born with his brother Lothair. He was also called the Fair and the Debonaire. As he was the only surviving adult son of Charlemagne he inherited the title of the sole ruler of the Franks until his death. He was deposed for a single year from 833-34. During his life, he was the Emperor of the Carolingian and king of both the Aquitaine and the Franks.
  • 778


    He was born the twin of Louis and was the fourth son of Charlemagne. He unfortunately died about a year or two after his birth.
  • 780


    She was the seventh child overall and his third daughter by Charlemagne's second wife. After an offer for Bertha by Offa of Mercia to betrothed to his son Ecgrfrith led Charlemagne to break the diplomatic relationships with Mercia around 790. She went onto have a long relationship with a court official called Angilbert. They had three children together.https://www.facebook.com/403886873042317/posts/bertha-charlemagnes-third-daughteri-am-reposting-this-re-worked-article-on-berth/3127709637326680/
  • 781


    She was the second to last daughter born to Charlemagne from his wife Hildegard. Like her previous two sisters Rotrude and Berthra she never married.
  • 783


    She was named after her mother which was unusual during the time. She was said to live 40 days after her mother died giving birth to her.
  • Period: 783 to 794

    3rd wife of Charlemagne Fastrada Queen Consort of the Franks

    Charlemagne's third wife. She was born the daughter of a powerful East Frankish Count Rudolph and his wife Ada. She was married to Charlemagne a few months after Hildegard's death. The speculated reason was that the marriage was used to solidify the Frankish alliance east of the Rhine. Particularly during the fighting with the Saxons.
  • 784


    She was born from Charlemagne's marriage with Fastrada. She became the Abbess of the monastery in Argenteuil.
  • 787


    The second child of Charlemagne from Fastrada
  • Period: 794 to Jun 4, 800

    4th wife of Charlemagne Luitgard Queen Consort of the Franks

    She was the daughter of an Alamannian Count. She and Charlemagne had no children together. She died on June 4th 800 of unknown causes.
  • Period: Dec 25, 800 to Jan 28, 814

    Emperor of the Carolingian Empire

    Was appointed this title by Pope Leo the third without Charlemanges approval. Although he was against the crowning through it he was tied even deeper into the Roman Catholic church. With this title, he became the most powerful ruler of his time
  • Jan 28, 814

    Death of Charlemagne

    He was known as the father of Europe as he had united the majority of Western Europe for the first time since the Romans. His rule inspired the Carolingian Renaissance and the intellectual improvement of the Western church. Unfortunately only one of his sons outlived his father. Louis the Pious who he like his father before him crowned king of the Franks