Timeline 2 1700-1800s

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  • Boston News-Letter founded

    Boston News-Letter founded
    The Boston News-Letter is founded by John Cambell and becomes the first successful newspaper in the New World.
  • Virginia Slave Codes begin

    Virginia Slave Codes begin
    The Virginia Slave Codes were used to create a separation between white indentured servants and colored ones. The act made a servant a slave if they were not white Christians. The Codes focused more on the fact that someone was not white. If a servant was colored and a Christian, they still became a slave.
  • Carolina Colony is divided

    Carolina Colony is divided
    The colony of Carolina is dived into North and South after their beliefs became distinguishably different. The two sides called for a formal divide and became independent of the other.
  • Stono Rebellion

    Stono Rebellion
    Twenty slaves organized a rebellion on the by the Stono River, broke into a store, collected guns and yelled for liberty. They looked towards the freedom of Florida but were killed by white colonists.
  • Treaty of Paris 1736

    Treaty of Paris 1736
    British gained control of Canada and all the French possessions east of the Mississippi.
  • Stamp Act passed

    Stamp Act passed
    The act put a tax on all paper documents in the colonies and was Britan's way for the colonies to pay them off for the French and IniadnWar.
  • Stamp Act Repealed and Declaratory Act passed

    The Stamp Act was repealed for the sake of the continuation of profit from the colonies, but at the same time, the Declaratory Act was passed. The Act stated that Britan had all the power to enforce laws and change the government of the colonies.
  • Boston Massacre

    The killing of five colonists by British soldiers after a protest gone wrong.
  • Boston Tea Party

    The dumping of tea in protest of the tea act which was carried out by protestors dressed as Native Americans.
  • Tea Act of 1773

    Tea Act of 1773
    Britan enforced a tax on tea in order to save the British East India Company from being in financial trouble.
  • Decleration of Independence

    Important leaders and politicians created a statement that would be delivered to the king of Britan in which it told of the reasons for independence. The Declaration of Independence would create the United States of America.
  • The Constitution of The United States is created

    A document was written by leaders to provide the structure of the new United States government.
  • Washington becomes President

    Washington is voted to become the United States, first president.
  • Cotton Gin invented

    Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin which takes the seeds out of the fibers of cotton with ease, making the cultivation and processing of cotton easier. Made the slave industry boom.
  • John Adams becomes President

    John Adams became the Second President of America after beating Thomas Jefferson.
  • Period: to

    The French and Indian War

    In North America, the war was against France, French colonists, and their Native allies against Great Britain, the American colonists, and the Iroquois Confederacy. The tensions for wanting more land grew into a war between the mother countries. The British won the war with the Treaty of Paris, but the expenses and treatment of the American colonists created tension between Britan and them.
  • Period: to

    American Revolution

    A war between the American colonies and Britan. The War was over unfair treatment between the mother country and America. With the assistance of France, the colonists won independence from Great Britain and established the United States of America