Charles Darwin 1809 - 1882

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  • Birth

    Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, England in the winter of 1809; he was the fifth child (Cambridge, 2012). His father, Robert Darwin, a successful physician, and mother, Susannah Wedgwood constructed The Mount in 1800; the building Charles was born in (Historic England, 2019).
  • First Scientific Speech

    First Scientific Speech
    At 18 years of age, Charles Darwin gave his first scientific speech at a meeting of The Plinian Society, a club at the University of Edinburgh. Charles observed the movement of a marine animal’s microscopic larvae, confirming the larvae were in fact free swimming (World History Project).
  • HMS Beagle Departs

    HMS Beagle Departs
    Charles was invited to join the HMS Beagle as the ship’s naturalist. For the next five years, Charles and the Beagle surveyed the coast of South America. He observed and documented plants, animals, and geology. Thousands of specimens were crated and sent back for additional study. (AMNH, Trip Around The World)
  • Darwin Returns

    After five years at sea, Darwin returns to Falmouth, England. Darwin said: “I reached home late last night. My head is quite confused with so much delight.” (AMNH, A Trip Around The World)
  • Summary of Observations

  • Darwin Publishes "Origins"

    Darwin Publishes "Origins"
    After nearly two decades of further studies, Charles publishes "The Origin of Species". Outlined in "Origins", Charles brought forth the idea that species naturally evolve to improve the chance of survival. His claims, in total, sparked an intense debate between the religious and scientific communities. (AMNH, A Life's Work)
  • Darwin Publishes "Descent of Man"

    Darwin Publishes "Descent of Man"
    More that a decade after the writing "Origins", Darwin published what he thought to be his most controversial aspect of evolution, "Descent of Man", which applies evolutionary theory to human evolution. The idea Man was subjected to, and a part of natural selection made Darwin nervous of the potential response. (AMNH, Darwin Exhibit)
  • Death

    At the age of 72, Charles Darwin passes away at his home in Downe, England. (NATGEO, Charles Darwin)