• Period: to

    Progressive Era

  • 16th Amendentment

    Made people pay income taxes to pay goverment to make more branches for goverment to make socitiy better. to help with the progressive such as the FDA.
  • William Jennings Bryan

    Prolabor won backing of American federation.
  • Labor Reform

    Helping save jobs, help hours,conditions
  • Eugene Debs

    Socialist party, workers control of goverment, public ownership of all major industeries. Railrpads. Socilist party. Labor reform
  • 18th Amendment

    They banned liquor from America. Men would get there pay checks and then go right to the bar after work and spend all there money.
  • 17th Amendment

    The people got to vote not the goverment. Now its what the people want not the goverment
  • Public service Reform

    Social Reform: FDA, They had to have someone come in and watch as they proecces the food and drugs, such as meats.
  • Socail Justice Reform

    When they did the voting they would have colored cards that you would take and vote. After that they had to change it because it wasnt a secret ballot. Eveyone knew who you were voting for from the colors. They finally decided to make it a secret ballot so that no one could tell who you were voting for.
  • Teddy Roosevelt

    1902, he intervened in a United Mine Workers Strike and helped labor get management to agree to binding arbitration. The arbitrators awarded the miners a wage increase and a shortened workday.
  • Charles Evan Hughs

    Lost election to Woodrow, In 1906, Charles Evans Hughes defeated the famed publisher, William Randolph Hearst, for governor of New York with backing from Republican Theodore Roosevelt. Hughes established a progressive record in his two terms in office by securing labor legislation, insurance reform and the creation of a Public Service Commission.
  • Jane Addams

    National Assocation for the Advancement of colored people, She helped through out her whole life. She started this.
  • Hiram Johnson

    In 1910 Johnson, a member of the Republican Party, was elected governor . Under his leadership the legislature passed a series of progressive measures including women's suffrage and restrictions on child labor and workingmen's compensation.
  • Robert La Follette

    Was a U.S Senate
  • 19th Amendment

    At this time men were aloud to vote, but by the time they past the 17th amendment people got to vote.