Time toast term 3

  • Capitan America

    I chose this book because it looked cool and I like adventure books
  • Period: to

    Term 3 and Holidays

  • Capitan America

    I liked this book because it had heaops of different people and had a happy ending. i think kodee would like this book to read
  • Hang onm a minute

    I chose this book because told recommended it to me
  • Hang on a minute

    This book was a alright book but not really cool,n I kninda like it because that hes ion the wild and has to do stuff with animals. i think liam will like it,
  • Ceasrer the war dog

    I chose it because its about a dog in the war.
  • Capitan Underpants

    I choose this because it looked funny.
  • Capitan Underpants

    I liked it because gorge and the other guy got up to heaps of mischief.
  • Battle Boy

    i choose this because it looked cool and sounded interesting.
  • battle Boy

    really gay book, took to long to get intweresting wasn't m,uch action.
  • Piont Blanc

    I choose thuis book because I reasd the first one and uit was cool and mr kc told me to read the second one