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time toast term 2

  • no sale harbour

    no sale harbour
    this book is about the whaine in wehligton harbor it tells the stroy about its journey from litlle tin to wehligton bout a hour from doc hits a rosk on gerat brett reef
  • catching fire

    catching fire
    this book is avery intersting book the 2nd book of the hunger games i recamend to read the frist book frist you will get most of the thing s in the book because it carries on from the frist book right from the start
  • finding father

    finding father
    this book is about a girl that hasent seen her father since they left austrailia he was to come in a week later but he never did so she heard about the gold field in dustain since her father was a gold miner he might be there is he or is he not?
  • hunger games

    hunger games
    this is a very instresting book about kateniss and peata the first book of the three books this is the best one will i think it is all about surving a batle with blood love and carrige