Time Line 1 Mortiz Schlick

  • Beginning years

    Beginning years
    Schlick Moritz received his doctorate in 1904 on the reflection of light in a nonhomogeneous medium. Between the years of 1911 to 1917 he was a Lecturer and associate professor at the University of Rowstock. During this time he published different works, one of those were Allgemeine Erkenntnislehre. Although his study was dedicated to the meaning of life he had a great disagreement to any metaphysical speculation and based his work off of facts and mathematics. https://youtu.be/Sc3_wuBq8jA
  • University of Vienna

    University of Vienna
    He began at the University of Vienna. During this time this was considered a turning point in the history of philosophy. In 1921 he released his book Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. Instead of identifying philosophy as acquiring knowledge he seen it as understanding the problems of philosophy in every day life. He also taught at the University of Vienna from 1922 until his death. During this time he made trips to the United States as a visiting professor.
  • Fragen der Ethik

    Fragen der Ethik
    After beginning his professorship at Vienna, he published Fragen der Ethik. After publishing different works during this time, they were collected into various volumes.
    Schlick, Moritz. Epistemological Writings: The Paul Hertz / Moritz Schlick Centenary Edition of 1921 With Notes and Commentary by the Editors. Translated by Malcolm F. Lowe. Edited, with an introd. and bibliography by Robert S. Cohen and Yehuda Elkana. Boston: D. Reidel Pub. Co., 1977. ISBN 902770290X, ISBN 9027705828
  • Completing Fragen der Ethik (Problems of Ethics)

    Completing Fragen der Ethik (Problems of Ethics)
    During the years of 1926 and 1930 he worked on completing Fragen der Ethnik (Problem of Ethics), it came to a surprised for a lot of fellow Circlists. The Vienna Circle also published The Scientific View of the world. Ref
  • Schlick’s Death

    In 1936 he was murderd by his student Johann Nelblock. Two years after his death the Vienna Circle came to an end.