Timeline created by hazvi01
  • Daughter M is born and lives with paternal grandparents

  • Married Wife #1

  • Daughter M moves into home with Mr. S and Wife #1

  • Extra Marital Affair resulting in birth of baby B

    Child remains with mother and he loses joint custody option
  • Birth of baby N

  • Death of wife #1

    Baby N is just shy of 2 years old, moves baby N and older daughter M in with parents
  • Married wife #2

    Moves baby N and oldest daughter M to live with new wife and her son
  • Separates from Wife #2

    Leaves marital home and moves back in with parents
  • Divorces wife #2

    Moves to apartment without children
  • Marries wife #3

  • Baby boy J is born

  • Baby N moves in with Maternal grandparents

  • Baby N moves to AZ with maternal grandparents

  • Mr. S moves to AZ with wife #3

  • Mr. S joins US Army

  • Mr. S relocates to NC- first military base

    Takes wife #3, her son and his new born baby. He leaves Baby N at this stage
  • Baby N. has hernia surgery

    Mr. S returns from NC to be with Baby N
  • Mr. S deploys to Iraq

    Deployment was for 6-10 months
  • Mr. S returns from Iraq

  • Mr.S Relocates to Germany

    Relocates with wife #3 and 2 children.
  • Mr.S relocates to AZ

    deserts wife #3 and children
  • Mr. S last visited Baby J.

  • Illegally Marries wife # 4

    Commits bigamy
  • Baby Q. born from wife #4

  • Divorces wife #3

  • Period: to

    Baby N. living with Paternal Parents

  • Period: to

    Daughter M. Lives with Paternal grandparents