Tim tebow winner heisman trophy

Tim Tebow

  • Tim Tebow was born

    Tim Tebow was born
    Timothy Richard "Tim" Tebow was born in Manila, Philippines.
  • Period: to


    Just to make it clear: He has not died.
  • Florida passes homeschool sport law.

    Florida passes homeschool sport law.
    He was homeschooled as a kid. Florida passed a law in 1996 that homeschooled kids can play in high school sports. That will be big for him because now he is only 9 years old.
  • High School Football

    High School Football
    Tim Tebow was homeschooled but the law that was passed let him go into high school sports. He played for the Nease High School Panthers in Ponter Vedra Beach, Florida. He was a freshman in the 01-02 season.
  • Tebow's Senior year in high school

    Tebow's Senior year in high school
    Tebow was the starting QB at Nease High School as a senior. He was declared a Division 1 recruit for college. He had a completion percentage of 64, threw for 31 touchdowns, a longest pass of 97 yards, and threw for 3302 yards on 216 completions out of 340 attempts. Rushing: He had a longest run of 70 yards, rushed 183 for 1163 yards, averaged 6.36 yards a run and rushed for 21 touchdowns. He had a great year.
  • All-Freshman Team

    In 2006 Tebow was named to the NCAA's All-Freashman Team.
  • Backup QB on 2006 Florida Gators Football Team

    Backup QB on 2006 Florida Gators Football Team
    Tim Tebow became the backup quaterback to Chris Leak as a freshman even though he passed for a little less than 200 yards and threw 1 touchdown in the Orange-Blue spring football game. Tim also finished 2nd on the Gators in rushing yards. The Gators finished the season with a win in the BCS National Championship game.
  • 2007 Starting QB on the Gators

    2007 Starting QB on the Gators
    As a sophmore, Tebow was named the starter at the University of Florida. He played outstanding all season. He played well enough to be named the Heisman Trophy winner. Then he played in the Capital One Bowl but they lost 41-35 to Michigan.
  • Davey O'Brien Winner

    Tebow won the Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award in 2007. The winner of this award has been voted to be the best quarterback in the nation. (who is playing in the NCAA)
  • Heisman Trophey Winner

    Heisman Trophey Winner
    Tebow wins the most honorable award that can be achieved by an NCAA football player. He was the first sophmore to win the award ever. Here's a link to a vidoe about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Byl733zPER4&feature=related
  • NCAA QB Of The Year

    Tim Tebow was voted to be the best NCAA QB in the year 2007
  • First Team All-SEC Player

    First Team All-SEC Player
    Tebow was the QB on the All-Southeastern Conference 1st team.
  • First Team All-American

    One of the highest honors to be given is to be an All-American. Tebow was a sophmore and got to be there.
  • Maxwell Award Winner

    Tebow won the Maxwell award. It is judged by sportscasters, sportswriters, and National Collegiate Athletic Association head coaches and the membership of the Maxwell Football Club. It is given to the best QB in the NCAA.
  • 2008 Starting QB at Florida

    Tim Tebow had another great season in 2008. He led the Gators to a great winning season and then another BCS National Championship title. They beat Oklahoma 24-14. Tebow had a great junior year.
  • 1st Team All-American

    Tebow was again named to be an All-American but this year as a junior.
  • Maxwell Award Winner

    Tebow won this award again in 2008. (see 2008 "Maxwell Award Winner" for explanation of award.) Tebow is only the second player to win this award twice.
  • Manning Award Winner

    Tebow won the Manning award in 2008. He was a finnalist as a sophmore. The Manning Award is given to the best QB judged by the Sugar Bowl Commitee.
  • All-SEC 1st Team

    Tebow was again voted onto the All-SEC first team in 2009.
  • 2nd Team All-American

    Tebow was voted onto the second team All-American. That is a very high honor.
  • 2010 Senior Bowl

    Tebow showed up to play in the Senior Bowl even though most said he would not show. He palyed for the South. The coaching staff for the South was the Miami Dolphins coaches.
  • All-State Sugar Bowl

    All-State Sugar Bowl
    Tim Tebow played his last game for the Florida Gators on January 1st 2010 before entering the NFL Draft. The Gators beat the Cincinnati Bearcats 51-24 in a destroyer win. Tebow broke the Sugar Bowl record for passing yards in the game with 444 yards in the air.
  • 2010 NFL Draft

    2010 NFL Draft
    The 2010 draft took place. Tebow was projected to be a late third round QB drafted by the New England Patriots. Others though he was going to be a 1st rounder. The Denver Broncos had the 25th pick overall and they selected Tim Tebow. Here's a video from draft day. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unznEqnn2E4