Tim Tebow

  • Tim Tebow was born in Manila, Philippines.

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    Tim Tebow's life

  • BTEA founded a orpahnage in the southernmost part of Mindanao,Philippines

  • Florida passed the homeschool sports law

    Florida passsed a law that aloud homeschooled kids to play in high school sports
  • Tim Tebow started playing high school football

    Tim Tebow started playing high school football for the Nease Panthers in Ponter Vedra Beach, Florida
  • Tim Tebow started playing QB his senior year at Nease high school

  • Nease high school won the state 4A tittle

  • Tim Tebow singed with the florida gators

  • Tim Tebow was named to the NCAA all freashman team

  • Florida beat Ohio state in BCS National Championship game.

  • Tim Tebow was named starting QB as a sophmore at the University of Florida

  • Tim Tebow won the Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award

    The winner of the Davey O'Brien award has been voted best QB in the NCAA
  • Tim Tebow won the Heisman Trophey

    Tim Tebow was the first sophmore to win the award in history
  • Tim Tebow was named First Team All-American

  • Tim Tebow won the Maxwell Award

  • Tim Tebow won numerous amount of awards for the second time in his college career

    Tim Tebow won the Maxwell Award,Manning Award was named 1st team All-American
  • Tim Tebow and the Florida gators beat beat Oklahoma to win the BCS National Championship

  • Tim Tebow's last game as Florida gator was the All-State Sugar Bowl

  • Tim Tebow was drafted to the Denver Broncos He was the 25th pick overall