Tim McGraw and The Dancehall Doctors

  • Vision

    Tim had a vision. 10 years of success as a country performer/artist. He wanted to create a record that would be done with his "roadies" , The Dance Hall Doctors.
  • Voice of Some Members

    Voice of Some Members
    Jeff McMahon (keyboardest)- When Tim wanted to doing something different, it made jaws drop. He wanted to use us, The Dance Hall Doctors, to create his new record.
  • Members..

    Mark Hunt(co-manager)- His mission for the last 10 years was to create a record with his road band. Scott Simon(co-manager)- He knew the risks and understood the time it would take
  • Outside the box

    Outside the box
    A typical record is done with guys who come in and lay down the track and Tim record his voice over them playing. Tim wanted to take a leap and record with his roadies. Creativity is key.
  • Dancehall Doctors

    Dancehall Doctors
    Newest member joined in 1994. Tim wanted to play with them because he had a connection, things that were common with one another. It would not be a regular record. It would be unique and something that they could all be proud about.
  • How They Met

    How They Met
    Darrin Smith- '89 Tim just moved to Nashville, not much going on.
    John Marcus- Met Tim through a friend. He needed a bass player. Tim told john that they were not going to rehearse just go out and wing it.
    Bob Minner- If Tim was to step up, he'd be a star. Tim tried to get Bob on sooner but he already had a gig.
    Jeff McMahon- Auditioned for Tim in '93. Was hired on Deryl Dodd's birthday.
    Dean Brown- Tim was a humble, very shy, kind of guy. On stage he came alive.
    Billy Mason- drummer.
  • Journey

    Tim does not see himself as an artist. He just does what he can do best. Only a country artist because of the way he sings. Tim's family are the best things in his live.
  • Can't get music without creativity

    Can't get music without creativity
    Tim will not cut a song that does not sound like him. He's passed on a lot of good songs because of that. Has to have a hook, and a groove. Tim knows hit songs, if he cant feel it, he will not sing it.
  • Career

    Tim feels like he is at the point where he can take chances.
  • A special place..

    A special place..
    TIm and the Dancehall Doctors wanted to record the album in an isolated atmosphere. away from distractions and family. The recording studio in Allaire was it. It was a farm house ontop of a mountain.
  • Dream Come True.

    Dream Come True.
    Allaire was it. Tim did everything he could to make it relaxing for the band, and himself. He wanted the experience to be perfect for everybody, and to get the mood of the record right.
  • No worries

    No worries
    Tim did not want anybody to worry about anything back home. Its a tricky process. They tried hard to get it perfect.
  • The Record

    The Record
    While creating the record the crew said that Tim managed to sneak in naps on the couch. He said that the music is as close as he has ever come to making the record perfect. It's what he heard in his head.
  • Future

    When the record was finished, Tim said what happened on this one he wants to happen again for the next. Clearly it was something he had always dreamed of.