Thomas Malthus, Charles Darwin, Alfred Wallace

  • Period: to

    Thomas Malthus

  • Thomas Malthus writes the Malthusian Doctrine

  • Second edition of 'Principles of Population' is published

  • Thomas Malthus marries

  • Malthus becomes a teacher

  • Period: to

    Charles Darwin

  • 'An Inquiry into the Nature and Progress of Rent' is published by Malthus

  • 'Principles of Political Economy' is published by Malthus

  • Period: to

    Alfred Wallace

  • The Beagle departs for its journey

    The Beagle departs for its journey
  • Charles Darwin marries

  • Wallace departed for Brazil with Henry Bates

  • Wallace leaves for Indonesia

  • Wallace writes the Sarawak Paper

  • The Origin of Species beginings

  • Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace meet

  • Darwin is awarded the Copley medal

  • Alfred Wallace marries