Thomas Kuhn

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  • Born

    Cincinnati, Ohio
  • PhD in the History of Science

  • Teacher - History/Philosophy of Science

    Harvard (1951–56), Berkeley (1956–64), Princeton (1964–79), MIT (1979–91)
  • Published The Copernican Revolution

    About the Copernican revolution which was a shift from the ptolemaic geocentric model of the solar system to the heliocentric model where the solar system revolves around the sun. Shows how solving a technical problem can cause a paradigm shift. An important historical lesson.
  • Published The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

    About paradigms and paradigm shifts in scientific revolutions. Describes the difference between regular and revolutionary scientists. Argues that most scientists accept the prevailing paradigm and perhaps try to refine it, but when a paradigm’s inadequacies become apparent and problematic, it goes into a crisis that results in revolution and paradigm shift. The book itself caused a paradigm shift of sorts from the concept of linear and cumulative scientific progress.
  • Died

    Cambridge, Massachusetts