Thomas Kuhn

By srapp
  • Birth

    Thomas Kuhn was born in Cincinnati Ohio to Minette Stroock Kuhn and Samuel L. Kuhn. His father was an industrial engineer. From a very young age he was pushed in his academic life. From going to a private elementary school in Manhattan to obtaining his PHD in physics from Harvard.
  • Wrote the Structure of Scientific Revolutions

    Wrote the Structure of Scientific Revolutions
    This by far Kuhn's most influential work. He analyzes the idea of the paradigm shift in science that occurred in history. Also he wrote about how he viewed scientific theory as a paradigm change. Here is an education video about his findings in the book.
  • Princeton

    After leaving Berkley he went to Princeton and became the professor of philosophy and history of science.
  • History of Science Society

     History of Science Society
    During his time at Princeton he became the president of the History of Science Society. Furthering his impact on the philosophy of science.
  • Death

    In 1994 Kuhn was diagnosed with lung cancer. He would eventually succumbed to the fatal disease two years later.