Thomas Edison inventions

By mdrmsel
  • Birth

    Thomas Edison was born on Feb. 11, 1847 in Milan, OH as one of six siblings, a mother and a father he was also born with diabetes and would suffer later in life because of that.
  • Period: to

    Thomas Edison Life

    Thomas Edison was an extrodanary inventor and had a very interesting life thats why i chose him to reaserch.
  • Phonagragh

    The phonograph was an invention that would let people listen to music or sound whenever you wanted and you could lisen to the songs you liked overall it was a usefull invention.
  • The Electric Light Bulb

    The electric light bulb is the invention that let's people have light when they need it. It allowed them to be able to turn off the light when they didn't need it and save energy for later.
  • Marrage

    Thomas Edison married Mary Stilwell on August 9, 1884, They were married for 1871-1884 until she died possibly of a brain tumor and then Thomas Edison remarried another woman whose name was Mina Miller.
  • Movie Camera

    The movie camera was an invention that meant people could film and watch movies it also meant that the process of filming and watching the movie would be easier.
  • Death

    Thomas Edison died after living for eighty-four years and inventing many things the cause of his death was complications of having diabetes.