Theories of Gravity Over Time

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    Arisotle found that it was the natural tendency for the heavier elements, earth and water, to return to their proper positions near the center of the Universe. Aristotle's theory was for centuries taken as implying that objects with different weights should fall at different speeds; that is, a heavier object should fall faster because it contains more of the centertrending elements, earth and water
  • Newton

    With Newton's three laws (inertia, acceleration, and reciprocal actions) he helped understand motion, gravity and light is and what its there for. He made it possible to understand WHY we did what Aristotle and Ptolemy found.
  • Cavendish

    With the Cavendish Experiment (like what we did in class) he was able to measure the force between the objects. After measuring the force, masses, and distance, the gravitational constant could be found. You could never before calculate gravity so that was cool.
  • Einstein

    Einsteins theory of relativity showed how the force of gravity isn't really a force, but a natural movement of objects through curved four-dimensional spacetime.
  • Ptolemy

    Showed we went round in ovals with his complicated system of circles and epicycles, a combination of which could explain all types of movements observed on the sky. This helped us see hw the earth moved in ovals, inlike it was previously thought by Aristotle.