Theories about our solar system

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    Ptolemy's Solar System Model: Ptolemy gave us one of the first glimpses of the movement of celestial planets and objects. His observations, based upon earlier Greek models, offered the first explanation of planetary movement.
  • Nov 20, 1543

    Nicholaus Copernicus

    Copernicus's Solar System Model: Copernicus changed the idea of the solar system drastically. He was the first person to believe that the solar system was heliocentric. His views were denounced by the church and he was viewed as a heretic.
  • Johannes Kepeler

    Kepler's Solar System Model: While studying the Copernican Solar System Model, Kepler noticed that Mars and Venus appeared differently at different times, proving that the orbits of these planets could not be circular.
  • Isacc Newton

    Newton's Solar System Model: Newton's model looks the same as Keplers, however, he explained why the orbits of the planets are ellipses, and why the revolutions have changed.