Theodore roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt and the River of Doubt

  • Third Election

    Third Election
    Picture Source CitedTheodore lost his third election, running for president.
  • Teddy Roosevelt's Jungle Journey

    Teddy Roosevelt's Jungle Journey
    On and both stated that Roosevelt's Brazilian co-commander Colonel Candido Rondon embarked on their journey into the jungle; every man for himself.
  • Injury In South America

    Injury In South America
    Roosevelt had sufferd from malaria and later cut is leg on a boulder. The cut was easily infected because of the rain forest.
  • Return Home

    Return Home
    Roosevelt returned home from the journey and his never fully recovered his health
  • Theodore's Trip to South America

    Theodore's Trip to South America
    Roosevelt decided to take a trip to South America to visit his son Kermit and to take a break from his political struggles, which also gave this famous outdoorsman a chance to visit the Amazon River Basin. What had looked to be a relaxing trip in the Amazon, turned out to be a chaotic march through the darkest heart of Brazil's uncharted Amazonian Jungle. Brazil's Minister told Roosevelt of an "unknown river," worth exploring, the Rio da Duvida, the River of Doubt.
  • Theodore Roosevelt's Death

    Theodore Roosevelt's Death
    When Theodore returned home from Brazil he never fully recovred his health. He died at age 60 from an arterial blood clot.
  • Kermit Roosevelt Suicide

    Kermit Roosevelt Suicide
    Kermit commited suicide on active duty in Alaska in 1943