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Theodore Roosevelt

  • Theodore Roosevelt is born

    Born in New York, NY
  • Theodore Roosevelt got his first pair of glasses

  • Theodore Roosevelt enters Harvard University

  • Theodore's father dies

  • Theodore graduates from Harvard, marries Alice Hathaway Lee

  • Theodore is elected to New York assembly

  • Baby daughter is born, Alice dies after giving birth, mother dies the same day

  • Works as a ranchman in North Dakota

  • Marries Edith Carow

  • Works for government in civil service office

  • Takes over as police commissioner in New York

  • Moves family to Washington D.C and is assistant secretary to the navy

  • Elected governor of New York

  • Theodore elected vice president of U.S. under William McKinley

  • President McKinley is assassinated Theodore is now president

  • Theodore elected president in his own right by a large majority

  • Theodore wins the Nobel Peace Prize

  • Theodore retires his presidency to William Taft

  • Theodore travels to Africa to hunt wild animals

  • Theodore traveled to Europe

  • Theodore runs for president again and loses to Woodrow Wilson

  • Theodore Roosevelt dies