The Wright Brothers

By kjc
  • When Wilbur Was born

    When Wilbur Was born
    Wilbur was born on April 16, 1867.When Wilbur was playing hockey the stick hit his face and knocked out his two front teeth. The doctors didin't think it was that serious.It did thuogh he gave up on attending to college and retired.Then he cared for his dying mother.
  • When Orville Was Born

    When Orville Was Born
    Orville was born in Dayton, Ohio, Aug. 19, 1871.He grew up in a place where children were encouraged alot when they pursued intellectual interests for curiosity.
  • Toy Helicopter

    When they were kids their dad got them a toy helicopter, which was an invention of a French pioneer.It was made of cork, bamboo ,and paper.
  • repairing Bicycles

    repairing Bicycles
    They started buying bicycles to tinker with and then started repairing them for friends. Eventually they started their own buisness for reparing bicycles.
  • Moving Back Home

    The family moved fron Richmond back to Dayton in June 1884.Less than a month before Wilbur would've graduated from high school. In Dayton he attened centrel high school for additional studies like greek and trigonometry.
  • Opening The Printing Press

    Orville dropped out of high school his junior year to open a printing press.In 1889 he built one with the help of his brother Wilbor who's been fighting depression.
  • Reading The Magazine

    They saw magazines of the gliders that Otto Lilienthal had made and photographs of the dramatic flights that he had made with his gliders.
  • Bicycle Shop

    In 1892 the Wright brothers opened up their bicycle shop.They eventually started making there own brand.Orville invented a self oiling wheel hub.
  • The Note

    In 1899 Wilbur Wright had written a letter to smithsonion instiution for information about flight experiments.The wright brothers designed their first plane, a small biplane.
  • Is The Weather Good

    Wilbur wrote to Willis Moore the chief of the weather Bureau he was asking about the high wind conditions throughout the country.The first rural place he sent back was Kitty Hawk.
  • Flying The Biplane

    The wright brothers successfully tested their 50 pound Biplane at Kitty Hawk. It had 17 foot wingspan and a wing warping mechanism in both unmanned and piloted flights. It was the first piloted glider.The Wright Brothers planned to refine the controls and landing gear, and build a bigger glider.
  • Flying at Kitty Hawk

    The Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk because since theres sand if they crash they will not be injured as bad.Also alot of wind is always blowing there.
  • Disappointment

    At Kill Devil Hills, they flew their largest fighter ever.It had a 22 foot wingspan and weighed 100 pounds and skids for landing.Then problems occured. The wings didin't have enough lifting power and the forward elevators were not able to control the pitch.The wing warping also somtimes caused the plane to crash
  • Alot of Flying

    In 1902 they made alot of test flights using their new glider.Their studies proved that a movable tail would help balance the aicraft. They attached the movable tail to the wing warping.
  • The First Flight

    Orville took the plane for a 12 second sustained flight in 1903 the Wright brothers had made their first succssefull powered flight.
  • Long Flight

    In 1904 they took another plane this time a little different from the first one.It flew for over 5 minutes the plane was flown by Wilbur Wright this time.
  • long flight

    In 1905 the wright brothers made a flight thet lasted for more than hal an hour.
  • Around Fort Myer

    Orville made a flight around fort Myer in Viginaia.It was a test flight fo the army.Which made their planes the first military planes.
  • Over 100 Flights

    The same year they flew over 100 times near Le Mons France. The longest flight ever was on Dec. 31 at their record time 2 hours 19 minutes.
  • Fun Trips

    Wilbur did a demonstration were he flew from Govnernors Island N.Y.To the Statue Of Liberty and Gants Tomb.He made more than just one flight to Grants Tomb.