The wonderful story of Henry Sugar

By q21425
  • Imhrat Khan's birth

    Imhrat Khan borned in a poor familly at Kashmin.
  • Found Professor Moor

    He stay with Professoe Mor for 8 week as his assistant or leanning magic.
  • Imhrat Knhan left Pro Moor

    He thought he can't get any real magic from Professor Moor
  • Imhrat Khan join in a traveling theatre.

    He tried to found a yogi for learning the real magic.
  • Imhrat Khan found the yogi Banerjee

    Banerjee invited him to another place
  • Imhrat Khan started to learn Yoga

    He was nearly 17 years old. He met the yogi of hardwar and began his yogi training.
  • Imhrat Khan could walking on hot charcoal

  • Imhrat Khan did his exercises with candle every night when 1929

    He was 24 years old at that time.
  • Imhart Khan finally got his power

    he could see things whiout his eyes now.
  • Imhrat Khan met Dr. Cartwright

    He told his story to Dr. Cartwright and show him the magic he've got.
  • Imhrat Khan was died

  • Dr.Cartwright wrote his note about Imhrat Khan

  • Henry Sugar got the Dr.Cartwright's note about Imhrat Khan

    Henry Sugar completely read it and he was 41 years old at that time.
  • Henry Sugar started to do the candle exercises just like Imhrat Khan

  • Henry got the same power as Imhrat Khan

    He used 3 years to get this power and he would like to make a big money in the casino by looking through the cards.
  • Henry Sugar started to donate the money he got in casino to the orphanages.

    He go to the casinos and cheated money. Then he give those money to orphanages.
  • Henry met max and max helped Henry Sugar for his business

  • Henry Sugar died