The United States and the Great Depression

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  • The Stck Market Crash

    The Stck Market Crash
    The stock market crash of 1929 sent the United States economy spiralling down at an alrming rate. This was the major, short term event that progressed America in the desperate time period known as the Great Depression.
  • Hoover's Promise

    Hoover's Promise
    In the month of March, 1930, President Herbert Hoover makes an announcement to the Nation promising that the Great Depression is over and that the country will return to normal.
  • Food Riots

    With the nation in peral and most of the countries people poor, starving, and jobless, the citizens turn to private organization's for a source of food. Although there are many private organizations such as missionaries and churches, food riots break out. The nation's people begin taking food from grocery stores and stealing food just to stay alive
  • President Roosevelt to the Rescue

    President Roosevelt to the Rescue
    On November 8, 1932, the nation elects FDR for the position of president in the U.S. government. This is the beginning of the change that will help drag America out of the Great Depression and on to prosperous life again.
  • The Emergency Banking Act

    The Emergency Banking Act
    Right after the stock market crash of 1929, most of the Nation's banks closed due to lake of funds. However after FDR was elected, he passed the Emergency banking Act which allowed many banks that were closed to re-open and gain the trust of the American People back again
  • The Works Progress Adminstration

    The Works Progress Adminstration
    Although FDR was making strides towards recovery, most of the nation remained unemployed. So to fix this problem he created the Works Progress Administration to create jobs for the American Pople to try and get them back on their feet.
  • Dorthea Lange's the "Migrant Mother"

    Dorthea Lange's the "Migrant Mother"
    During the Great Depression, many photographs were taken to show what was happening to the American Citizens all across the country. Dothea Lange was a famous photographer of the time period and took one of the most popular photographs of the Great Depression known as "Migrant Mother".
  • The Great Depression Ends

    The Great Depression Ends
    After many years of hardship and despair, the time period known as the Great Depression is finally over. America's involvement into World War ll causes the economy to bounce back and employ millions of Americans once again.
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    The Great Depression

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    The Great Depression