The Theory of Evolution by Means of Natural Selection

  • Period: to

    Revolution of Natural Selection

  • Jean- Baptiste Lamarck; Born

    Jean- Baptiste Lamarck; Born
  • Comte de Buffon; Born

    Comte de Buffon; Born
    Published 44-volume HIstoire Naturelle, gained understandings of the natural world. Found the differences of humans and apes.
  • Thomas Malthus; Born

    Thomas Malthus; Born
    "Essay on the Principles of Population"
    -proposed the populations produced more offspring than their environments could support
    -but were eventually reduced by starvation and disease
  • Georges Cuvier; Born

    Georges Cuvier; Born
    developed the science of paleontology.
    - found each stratum is characterized by a unique group of fossils
    - found the dissimilar species are from modern life
    - working from stratum to stratum he found that species appeared and disappeared over time = species would be extinct
  • Charles Lyell ; Born

    Charles Lyell ; Born
    REJECTED the idea of revolutions
    - he proposed the geological process at the same rates in the past as of today
    - he reasoned if geological changes are slow and continuous rather than catastrophic then earth may be more than 6000 years old.
  • Charles Darwin; Born

    Charles Darwin; Born
  • Alfred Russel Wallace; Born

    Alfred Russel Wallace; Born
    British Naturalist
    -populations changed as time passed but were UNCLEAR how they changed.
    - according to Wallace and Darwin individuals with physical, behavioral or other traits that helped them survive local environments are more likely to survive and pass on their traits to offspring
    - reasoned competition for limited resources among individuals of the same species would select their favorable traits to increase survival and reproduce
  • Jean Baptiste Lamarck; end

  • Scholars of Inquiry

    Paleotology, Geology, Geography & biology ;began to share ideas to how life could change through time
  • Georges Cuvier ; end

    Cuvier proposed the idea that the Earth experienced many destructive events such as:
    - volcanic eruptions
    and other natural events...
  • Thomas Malthus; End

  • On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection

    On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
    1.) Present forms of life arise by descent from ancestral species
    2.) natural selection working for long periods of time -before and after publication biologists, geologists, geographers and paleontologists supported and strengthened theory that is now called THEORY OF EVOLUTION BY NATURAL SELECTION
  • Charles Darwin; Beagle

    -explore the natural history or various countries and geographical locations.
    did not understand the significance of his observations and resulted to his THEORY OF EVOLUTION BY NATURAL SELECTION
  • Charles Lyell End

  • Charles Darwin; End

  • Alfred Russel Wallace; End