The Technology Timeline

Timeline created by RyFlag
In Music
  • Phonograph

    Thomas Edison creates the phonograph, the first usuable recorder.
  • Vinyl

    The first vinyl records were released in 1901.
  • Amplifier

    The first amp was made.
  • Electric Guitar

    The first electric guitar was made.
  • Hammond Organ

    The first hammond organ was created.
  • Sampler

    The first sampler was created.
  • Digital

    The first digital rtecording of a heart-beat was recorded.
  • Computer Music

    A computer managed to play music.
  • Tape

    A company released a free-reel tape, years before the first compact tape.
  • Multitracking

    People began to multi-track recording around this era.
  • Internet

    The internet had began to work.
  • Computer

    The first home computer were put up for sale.
  • MP3 Player

    The worlds first mass-produced MP3 Player was produced.