The Russian Revolution PD3

  • Serfs were freed

    Serfs were freed
    image serfs were freed
  • Maxists

    image Marxists formed the Russian social labor party
  • Russian economy

    Russian economy
    image In Russia the conomy slowed, the country waged on unsuccessful war with japan.
  • Marxist

    image The party split into two groups
  • Peace march

    Peace march
    image Men, women, and children peacefullymarched to czar Nicholas winter palace.
  • Period: to

    War World 1

    Germany declared war on Russia August.December 1916 Russain nobles loyal to the czars murdered Rasputin.
  • Strikes and Riots

    Strikes and Riots over food and coal shortages broke out in Petrograd.
  • Over throne

    Over throne
    image Government forced czar Nicholas to adicate.
  • More power

    More power
  • Cease fire

    Russia negotiated a cease fire.
  • Assassination

    Bolsheviks killed Nicholas and his family in Yekaterinburg.
  • Treaty of Brest

    Government signed the Treaty of brest Litovsk to prevent german invation.