The Russian Revolution PD 4

By JordynS
  • economy

    the economy slowed down
  • Period: to

    russian revolution

  • escape

    website for imageleon trotsky escaped
  • peaceful march

    thousands of men woman and children marched into czar niholas's winterpalace in st peters burg
  • rebellion

    the russian people rebelled agianst czar nicholas 2nd (february on the old russian calander)
  • strikes

    strikes and riots over food and coal shortages broke out (february 25 russian calander)
  • govrenment force

    govrenment force
    website for imagegovernment forced czar nicholas to abdicate
  • return

    ruturned to petrograd
  • i have returned

    trotsky returned to petrograd
  • seize all the power

    seize all the power
    web site for imagegeneral lavr korni lov the army commander and chief made a bid to seize power
  • october revolution

    october revolution
    website for imageoctober revolution occured in november (october on the old russian calander)
  • russian date

    the russian date changed
  • lost

    website for imagelost ukraine
  • Period: to


    stalin remained in power
  • stalin died

    stalin died
    website for imagestalin remained in power until death