The Road To Divison Timeline

  • Free soil party

    Free soil party
    Opposed slavery in new territories.
  • Compromise 1850

    Compromise 1850
    Gold was discoverd in California! The Missouri Compromise Line stops at California. California goes FREE.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854

    Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854
    Senator S. Douglas wanted a Northern Railroad route but needs southern support. If the south goes along with the Northern route, the Missouri Compromise line will be erased.
  • Sumner-Brooks incident

    Sumner-Brooks incident
    north senator (Sumner) spoke poorly of a south senator (butler). Butlers cousin (Brooks) beat Sumner on senate floor.
  • Dred Scott vs. Sanford

    Dred Scott vs. Sanford
    "Slaves are property and cannot sue"
    Cheif Justice. Roger Tanney.
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debates

    Lincoln-Douglas Debates
    Senate 1858- these debates introduced Lincoln to America. He lost but was still popular.
  • Freeport doctrine

    Freeport doctrine
    Congress cannot force slavery into new territories. It did not pass.
  • john Brown at Harpers Ferry

    john Brown at Harpers Ferry
    John beleived he was sent to end slavery.. "Gods avenging angel". He was eventually hanged.
  • First Bull run/ Manasses

    First Bull run/ Manasses
    1st major land battle, North underestimates South, Jackson gets his famous nickname "Stonewall".
  • Antietam

    Bloodiest single day of war. Licoln calimed victory.