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The Red Scare-McCarthyism

By bcdsr
  • Joseph McCarthy-Born

    Joseph McCarthy was born in Wisconsin.
  • Period: to

    First Red Scare

    The United States started to fear communism after World War 1 which began rising in the Soviet Union during the war.
  • McCarthy's First Accusation

    McCarthy's First Accusation
    This was the first time McCarthy openly accused many people in the government of being active communists.
  • McCarthy Accuses the Military

    In October of 1953, three years after his first accusations, McCarthy finally crosses the line and accuses the military of being made of communists. President Eisenhower finally made a stand against McCarthy and his false accusations.
  • McCarthy Loses his Position

    It was voted on that McCarthy would loose his position in the Senate.
  • McCarthy is reprimanded

    The Senate came up with a way to stop and reprimand McCarthy from accusing people of communism any more.
  • McCarthy passes away

    Joseph McCarthy died in May of 1957, but not before having scarred the country by playing on their pre-existing fears of communism for his own benefit.