The Olympic Games

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  • Ancient Olympic Games

    Ancient Olympic Games
    The Olypmic Games were held 320 times (every 4 years) in a stadium in Olympia, Greece. It started the Olympic Games that are still celebrated today.
  • International Olympic Committe (IOC)

    International Olympic Committe (IOC)
    Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the IOC to govern the body of the Olympic Movement. IOC's impact helps defines the structure and actions by olympic Character.
  • Olympics in Paris

    Olympics in Paris
    The Olympic Games finally open to women. It allowed women to be part of the games.
  • Olympics in Berlin

    Olympics in Berlin
    Games were not clelbrated because of WW1. The impact was that we had to wait a few years before starting the games again.
  • Olympics in Antwerp

    Olympics in Antwerp
    The Olympic flag was used for the first time. The flag is a symbol for the games. At least one color of the rings are from every nation in the world.
  • Olympics in Los Angeles

    Olympics in Los Angeles
    Eddie Tolan becomes the first African-American to win Olympic Gold. The Impact allowed African-American people to be in the Olympics and win medals.
  • Olympics in Tokyo & London (1940 & 1944)

    Olympics in Tokyo & London (1940 & 1944)
    The games were not clelbrated because of WW2. The games had to stop only for the summer games. But for the winter games.
  • Olympics in London

    Olympics in London
    Bob Mathian becomes youngest (17 yeards old) American to be in the Olympics and to be the decathlon champion. The impact was that younger kids started being in the games and winning medals.
  • Olympics in Munich

    Olympics in Munich
    Over 1 billion people watch the Games. The impact is that people from all over the world start tuning-in from their homes and start watching the games.
  • Olympics in Barcelone

    Olympics in Barcelone
    More than 15,000 athletes, coaches, and officials come from 165 countries. The impact is that more countries want to be part of the olympic Games.